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Rxivist combines preprints from bioRxiv with data from Twitter to help you find the papers being discussed in your field. Currently indexing 50,150 bioRxiv papers from 233,740 authors.

Site-wide metrics

The numbers below represent the metrics for all papers hosted on bioRxiv.org, based on our indexing of the website.

Monthly submissions, overall

See PrePubMed for a similar chart that puts bioRxiv submissions in context alongside other preprint servers.

Monthly submissions, by category

Highlight a category:
Top categories this month
neuroscience 285
microbiology 161
bioinformatics 131
cell biology 102
biophysics 93
genomics 84

Monthly downloads

Note that, unlike the submission graphs, this graph does not include the current month. Since per-paper download metrics are updated in our database over time, a month's download count can change up to four weeks after it ends.

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