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Rxivist indexes and sorts metadata from bioRxiv and medRxiv, preprint servers1 operated by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. There is no official association between CSHL and this project.

Papers about the Rxivist project:

Twitter data used on the front page is provided by Crossref. Social media interaction data displayed on preprint detail pages is provided by Altmetric.

Rxivist is developed and maintained by the Blekhman Lab at the University of Minnesota. Its source code is available on GitHub in two locations, for the API and this web application. Its main components are:

You can also browse a text-only version of this application at gopher://origin.rxivist.org from a Gopher-enabled2 browser such as Lynx or an HTTP proxy like the one hosted by Floodgap Systems.

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Data notes

  • "All-time" Twitter metrics (from Crossref) currently date back to February 2017. This is pulled from a different source than Altmetric, so their totals will likely be different.
  • Download metrics are updated for each paper about once every two weeks, which means there may be a discrepency between the totals reported by the preprint servers and the totals reported here.

  1. For an overview of the common questions raised regarding preprints, see this Q&A from preprint advocate Ronald D. Vale.
  2. The Gopher protocol was a precursor to HTTP and the World Wide Web, developed at UMN in the early 1990s.